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Competition Results 2020-2021

Congratulations to our Competition Team Dancers on all of their achievements!




"Junior Miss Legacy"

Solo 1 - Platinum - 1st Overall

Solo 2 - Platinum

Larkin - Platinum - 2nd Overall - Special Judges Award

Ellie - High Gold - 5th Overall - Special Judges Award

Alison - High Gold



Lyla: Diamond, 2nd Overall

Alayna (Lyrical): Diamond, 6th Overall

Alayna (Jazz):  Diamond, 8th Overall

Ellie: Diamond, 2nd Overall

Jordyn: Diamond, 10th Overall

Reagan: Elite Diamond, 7th Overall

Presley: Groove Perfection, Tremendous Technique Award, 1st Overall

Emily (Contemporary): Elite Diamond, 10th Overall

Emily (Open): Diamond, Incredible Choreography

Leah (Contemporary): Elite Diamond, 4th Overall

Leah (Lyrical): Groove Perfection, 2nd Overall

Payton: Diamond

Izabelle: Elite Sapphire

Alison: Diamond

Larkin: Groove Perfection, 1st Overall, Passion and Poise Award

Emma (Contemporary): Elite Diamond, 3rd Overall

Emma (Open): Elite Diamond,  5th Overall

Kaybri: Elite Sapphire

Sophie: Elite Sapphire


Come Together: Diamond, 5th Overall

As The World Caves In: Groove Perfection, 1st Overall

Teams and Ensembles:

Petite Team:

Halo - Diamond, 4th Overall

Girl In the Mirror - Diamond, 1st Overall


Junior 1:

Shake The Room: Diamond, 3rd Overall

Clearly: Elite Sapphire, 4th Overall


Junior 2:

Best Day Ever: Diamond, 2nd Overall

Proud: Elite Sapphire, 7th Overall


Teen Intermediate:

Make Way: Diamond, 1st Overall

Love Me Anyway: Elite Sapphire, 6th Overall

Listen: Diamond, 3rd Overall


Teen/Senior Advanced:

Hustler: Diamond, 3rd Overall

I Don't Think About You: Diamond, 5th Overall

Young And Free: Diamond, 4th Overall



Ay Caramba: Diamond, 4th Overall

Survivor: Elite Diamond, 2nd Overall